Royal Marines Mental Health

Promote, Prevent, Prevent, Treat

Royal Marines have one of the most physically and psychologically demanding jobs on the planet and findings show lack of knowledge about mental health issues makes it more difficult to recognise a problem developing.

While many of these are quickly recognised and dealt with effectively, certain mental health issues can go undetected for a long while, and as time goes on, they can impact on relationships with families and friends.

The reality of seeking help

Around 4 - 7% of frontline troops will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and around 20% of service personnel are suffering with a mental health disorder at any one time, although few seek help for it.

“The support available is there and very good if you know where and how to look for it, but more importantly feel able to access it”

Captain Ryan Morris


Where can I go for help?

Serving - Project Regain

Regain is an initiative of marines, by marines, for marines to assist all ranks in seeking help if they have concerns about their mental health.

Regain aims to reduce the stigma and barriers to treatment and enable ranks to present themselves without fear of being labelled by peers or command.

Now Regain has been set up to change this for the better by allowing serving Royal Marines and related ranks to refer themselves directly to specialists without the need to first go through their unit’s medical officer.

Learn more about Project Regain here:

Retired & Families- RMA – The Royal Marines Charity – through the Veteran Referral Network

With your continued support, The Royal Marines Support Network (RMSN), funded by RMA – The Royal Marines Charity has developed a Psychotherapy Protocol to further support the efforts by the serving Corps.

Providing safe and practical assistance to RM Veterans who are suffering from mental health related issues, the “Veterans Referral Plan” (VRP) aims to enrol the client onto a therapeutic placement, and provide treatment from a trained psychotherapist who is listed on the relevant professional qualifications register.

Each case is run by a Clinical Case Manager who is professionally qualified in trauma cases, and part of the RMSN. The target is to get the veteran into clinical assessment and therapy within 15 working days after completion of the initial paperwork.

RMA - The Royal Marines Association is here to support the entire Royal Marines Family - serving, retired and their families. No matter what stage of your career or life, you can always turn to us for help.


How can I support the cause?


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