The pressures upon service families are increasingly widely recognised; better support is crucial to ensure that the correct care is available to our Royal Marines and their families.

Demands for accessible treatment to combat PTSD and stress are increasing, with additional practical resources and facilities needed to help the entire Royal Marines Family.
There is a clear need in the West Country to establish a versatile “Royal Marines Support Hub” which will benefit those serving, their families and the veteran community.

  • There is no 'one stop shop' that can provide a range of emotional and practical support to the RM Family at Commando Training Centre, Lympstone, the home of the Royal Marines.
  • The current location for training Royal Marine Support Network volunteers is not suitable.
  • We need a more confidential, safe space to support vulnerable serving and veteran personnel which is easily and discretely accessible.
  • Where in the West Country can the RM Support Network, Rock 2 Recovery and other agencies support individuals and families at risk?


The Royal Marines Support Hub concept is simple; to build a venue that can host a diverse range of family support services, accessible to all, in one location.

The Hub will provide an open location to regularly meet other people "in the same boat", to share problems and coping mechanisms, with access to a wide range of bespoke support.

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from families since this project began, supporting a need for a versatile building which will provide a "hub" for family activities.

Individual resilience and group welfare support, advice and activities

  • Transition workshops and careers fairs. Veteran and Cadet meetings and events
  • Support agencies, including Rock 2 Recovery, providing help to individuals and families
  • Drop-in and community activities, including child play area

How Can You Help?


  • the Royal Marines need a new centre of resilience in the West Country, the home of the Royal Marines
  • we have the planning permission, desire and drive to start now
  • you can be part of a new exciting facility that will benefit the entire RM family
  • we have already raised over £1.3m specifically for this project but new funds are needed now
  • we ask you to join the Royal Marines Family and support those who need our help

50,880 serving personnel and their families are forecast to benefit from the Hub over the next 30 years

The Support Hub will provide a much needed focal point for over 12,500 veterans and their families

The projected cost of the Hub is £2.4 million, including VAT

We are already over half way there, with £1.3 million raised. Now we need YOUR help to raise the remaining £1.1 million

You can donate by visiting:


Or call us on 01392 346424