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High Ground, Rural weeks.

Bicton College - Devon - N/A


HighGround has pioneered Rural Weeks as the place to start your Life Beyond the Military – Outdoors.

Five fully residential days at an agricultural college, currently Bicton College in Devon and currently being rolled out to Landex colleges in other regions of the UK.

How to work out what you want to do

We aim to introduce you to the following areas of the land-based sector:

Land Management


Environmental (outdoor) Design, Production and Leisure

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Animal Care

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What happens during a Rural Week?

College staff and outside presenters will introduce you to their area of expertise with information about what careers in each sector are best suited to ex-military people and the training and qualifications needed.

Monday to Thursday is a combination of classroom-based presentations and practical visits to dairy farms, smallholdings, farm shops, golf courses, RSPB rangers and much more, where subject matter experts freely share their contacts, experience and advice. They have no agenda other than to help you. Friday focusses on self-employment and reviewing the week so that you can make a plan for how to move forwards.

We also invite ex-military people who are now working in the land-based sector to come and talk to us in the evenings and share their experiences of transition and their contacts. It’s not what you know, but who!

Click here to see a typical Rural Weeks timetable

What happens after Rural Week?

Our Careers Manager will follow up to agree a plan to help you move towards land-based employment or self-employment. This could be:

  • HighGround arranging a work placement for you
  • Advising about specific courses and how to access funding for them
  • Putting you in touch with a partner organisation if the Rural Week has identified another issue which may be preventing you from getting nearer to employment, such as housing

Can’t make it to a Rural Week?

If you’re interested in learning about the Land-based sector but cannot make it to one of our Rural Weeks, take a look at our Career Guides to find out about the many opportunities that the Land-based sector holds for ex-military personnel and Reservists.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, or need further information please contact or call Anna on 07951 495 272.


To read the latest, and previous Rural Weeks Reports, click here

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