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Naval Liasion Officer Naval Regional Command Wales and West England

Bristol, South West : Ashton Vale, South West, BS3 2NS - £31,696

Royal Navy Media, Communications and Engagement (RNMCE) is the department charged with protecting and enhancing the reputation of the Royal Navy. It does this by delivering against the Royal Navy Communications and Engagement Strategy, applying focussed resources to protect and improve levels of favourability and understanding amongst the Royal Navy’s six key target audiences. 

In order to deliver the overall approach to RN communications and engagement efforts, it is organised along three functional groupings: 

a. Strategy and Reputation. Functions key to Naval Service reputation or concerned with the provision of enablers to the whole RN communications enterprise. 
b. Creative & Digital. Functions involving the creation of communications content, the provision and governance of current owned channels and digital transformation. 
c. Engagement. Functions involved in all national engagement activities as well as regional engagement, including RN representation and resilience. 

An integrated process which starts with planning and concludes with research, insight and evaluation (RIE) lies at the heart of all RNMCE activity. Everyone is expected to ensure that all communication and engagement activities are informed by insight and evaluated in line with GCS recommendations. 

In accordance with GCS principles, each position in RNMCE comprises a principal role, plus additional roles. Using a combination of roles, post holders are expected to build dynamic teams from across the enterprise based on project needs, enabling better cross-fertilisation of ideas and improving efficiency. A number of functions provide support across the RNMCE enterprise in order to facilitate this process. 

RNMCE, in line with the rest of HM Government, is expected and required to adopt the Modern Communications Operating Model (MCOM) with proactive communications (where possible and appropriate) delivered on a campaign basis, using the OASIS framework. The new RNMCE positional and functional structure has been designed specifically with this in mind. 

The Naval Liaison Officer manages planned and short-notice visits by RN, RFA, Foreign warships and auxiliaries' visits to non-Naval ports. This is a function of regional coherence but also engagement in the widest sense, providing uniformed RN presence across port areas in the United Kingdom. Key tasks include: 
• Lead on all matters concerning the delivery of engagement and operational effect through the coordination, planning, management and delivery of support to all RN, RFA, Foreign warships and auxiliaries' visits to non-naval ports within their region. 
• Support engagement activity and events working with regionally and centrally-based engagement teams. 
• Attend ships' once alongside, remaining on call during their visit. 
• In conjunction with their DNLO and other regional NLOs, ensure that there is an on-call NLO on a 24/7 basis. 
• Build and maintain a regional network of contacts in civic, commercial, educational and military organisations that can contribute to the delivery of NLO activity. This includes maintaining close working relationships with ports, harbour boards, ships' agents and emergency services in their region.
• Advise on matters relating to Veterans' affairs within their region. 
• Act as a Naval representative at formal engagement events e.g. military parades, November ceremonies, Armed Forces Day, mayoral and other civic occasions. 
Regional Engagement Assistant. Engagement in this context is defined as an act of Communication through the brokering of effective person-to-person contact at an appropriate level. Engagement allows the RN to exert appropriate influence over those groups that have the greatest effect on its future strategic success. Key tasks involve: 

• Project management, operational planning and delivery of regional engagement events as scheduled and directed by the Regional engagement lead and central RNMCE planning function. 
• Assist NRC regional engagement programme. 
• Assist in the development of business cases, design of SMS submissions and the management of resulting financial arrangements for regional engagement events, providing information as required to the RNMCE Engagement team. 
• As directed, Track and report event expenditure to the RNMCE Engagement team 

Campaign and Planning Support. This role is responsible for supporting the development, planning and execution of campaigns and communications activities. Key tasks involve: 

• Take part in the campaign team from within RNMCE including appropriate roles, experience and expertise to deliver the campaign. 
• Assist in the running of a campaign according to the campaign plan, and use evaluation data to optimise campaign activities. 
Line Manager. Act as a Line Manager to ensure staff are managed according to applicable rules and regulations. The key tasks for the Line Manager are: 

• Carry out day-to-day staff management, ensuring staff are set clear priorities and are performing within set parameters. 
• Review and assess performance of staff based on agreed performance objectives (set annually) and Terms of Reference for the post. 
• Be responsible for staff development following Defence development review process and work with Professional Development Lead (if that is a different post holder). 
• Handle personnel issues by following Defence personnel procedures. 

Essential experience: 
• Defence Engagement 
• UK/EU Civilian Driving Licence to category C1 and D1 
Highly desirable experience: 

• Communications planning and delivery 
• Delivery of military effect 
• Knowledge of regional military, geographical, business, social and political conditions.