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Regional Employer Engagement Director (REED)

South West London -

The role of the REED is to raise awareness of the Government’s defence objectives at regional level by delivering a coherent employer engagement programme to support Defence People Initiatives. The REED does this by establishing enduring relationships with employers in both the public and private sector across Greater London. The principal output is to assist in creating the environment which will encourage employers to support Reservists from the three Single Services. The role involves extensive travel around the Greater London region to conduct meetings and hold events and for that reason, excellent communication skills and an ability to use initiative are required.

The REED’s tasks and responsibilities are to:

  • Prepare, issue and deliver effective Employer Engagement (EE) and Employer Support (ES) within the Greater London region.
  • Deliver EE against measurable KPI’s on regional Key Accounts.
  • Develop and maintain an effective liaison with employers and employer organisations.
  • Raise awareness of matters relating to the employment of Reservists and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.
  • Gain and maintain supportive employer relationships to defence across the range of Defence People areas (Service Leavers, Reservists, Wounded, Injured and Sick, Spousal employment and Cadet Adult Volunteers)
  • Move employers up the Defence ‘Ladder of Support’ and onto the National Employer Recognition Scheme in order to identify suitably qualified employers for awards.
  • Promote and encourage signings of the Armed Forces Covenant.
  • Assist the Chains of Command to establish and maintain partnering arrangements with employers and de-conflict with each other.
  • Educate employers on the operational requirements of mobilisation, demobilisation and contingency operations.
  • Advise London Reserve units on best practice related to their Reserves, employers and engagement events.
  • Deliver prestigious award ceremonies such as a Bronze or Silver Defence Employer Recognition Scheme event on an annual basis.
  • Produce periodic reports on progress as required, keeping the Head of Engagement (HoE) informed of progress through quarterly reviews. Work as part of a small team made up of existing REEDs and other Engagement staff.
  • Maintain and update the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management database of Reservists and employer contacts.
  • Maintain an effective liaison with DRM and wider MOD and Single Service colleagues by attending meetings across Greater London.
  • Identify potential Reservist/employer stories and case studies for media disclosure and work with the Head of Communications to produce these.
  • Organise and manage local events and briefings and when required, speak and present to small and large audiences of employer and industry-related organisations

Additional tasks:

  • Be prepared to undertake other tasks as directed by the Head of Engagement or Chief Executive which might include:
  • Supporting wider MOD and Single Service meetings by acting as Secretariat.
  • Community Engagement.
  • Support and organise “Employers Abroad” schemes within Europe (which will involve travel)
  • Liaison and furthering relations with Veterans organisations and Service charities.

 Competencies Required for the Post:

  • Essential Competences:
  • Management and organisational experience.
  • Experience of the commercial environment.
  • Experience in business to business engagement. Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentational skills.
  • Presentation and/or briefing skills.
  • Strong IT skills, particularly Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Account and/or sales management experience.

Performance and Development Reports (PDR):

  • Twice a year, have own performance assessed and reported upon by their Line Manager. The REEDs Line Manager is the Head of Engagement, the Countersigning Officer is the Chief Executive.
  • Undergo a Basic Check (BC) or Security Clearance (SC) in accordance with the Association’s Security requirements.
  • Sign annually and comply with the Security Operating Procedures (SyOps) for the use of the Association Local Area Network (LAN) and MOD Wide Area Network (WAN) relating to both voice and data on IT Systems.


  • Be prepared to carry out other duties, commensurate with competencies held and C2 Grade as directed by the Head of Engagement, Chief of Staff or Chief Executive.
  • The post involves some evening and weekend work which is compensated by way of TOIL or overtime.
  • This job description may be reviewed in the light of changes during the period of the appointment and/or on change of the incumbent.

The closing date for this role is 14 May 2018.

To apply for this role, please get in touch with the Transition team via this email address or on 01392 346421/29