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Upcoming webinars


We are continuing our popular series of free online webinars on a range of topics; each designed to keep everyone informed and engaged during this challenging time. 

To reserve your place, select your session and complete a short registration form. Please be aware spaces are limited for each webinar. If you are unable to reserve your place, please contact us. 


Mental health in challenging times


This webinar aims to help companies and individuals tackle the invisible impact of the coronavirus. With the virus heightening stress, anxiety and social isolation we believe that now more than ever it is essential to manage your own mental wellbeing and that of your colleagues, families and friends.
This free session will cover:

  • Mental Health (specifically anxiety and stress)
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Power of thought
  • Take 5 together
  • Self-care tips

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 21 April, Monday 4 May and Friday 5 June.





Homeworking safely


With many people now working from home it is important to ensure home offices and workplaces are safe and fit for purpose. During this webinar we will focus on the basics of electrical safety, first aid and fire safety and the simple steps that can be taken to ensure a safe workplace.

A live Q&A session with a health and safety consultant will immediately follow this presentation.

The webinar will take place on Friday 1 May and Thursday 7 May.




Business continuity


Sound planning forms the foundation of a successful business and during times of change organisations quickly discover gaps that can make or break them. This session will cover: 

  • Emergency planning
  • IT infrastructure and systems support
  • Financial fall-backs
  • Communication

Our ISO members will already benefit from a sound management system but during this difficult time we want to extend our support to our H&S and HR members. 

This webinar will take place on Monday 04 May.



Planning for the future


This session is hosted by our HR experts and will offer guidance and support on developing a robust 'people strategy' post-Coronavirus. 

In this webinar we look into the future and think about how to structure your functions and human resources following times of change. Now is the time to plan and rethink your direction. 

The webinar will take place on Thursday 7 May



People planning


In this session we explore the options for changes in your structure during times of difficulties. We will give practical guidance on what business owners can do to create a strong core for their business to overcome the current obstacles. We will also offer advice on lay-off periods, contract changes, redundancies and restructures.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday 2 June.



Communication skills


With a fractured workforce it can be difficult to maintain the same levels of communication that an organisation has been used to.

This webinar will offer hands-on advice on:

  • Making the most of every conversation
  • Clear and concise messages without sounding short
  • What do people need to hear and how you can include them

Dial in to our webinar to hear about the most common communication pitfalls and how to avoid them. We will give you our top-tips on how to avoid ‘groundhog-day’ and upset amongst your teams, simply by choosing the right method of communication.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 4 June





If you have any enquiries or are unable to reserve your place,
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