Royal Marines Rugby League Season 2017


2017 has been a difficult season for the RMRL due to lack of player and coach availability, unexpected activity, and opposition fixture changes. However, the management team has worked tirelessly to produce meaningful fixtures and provide solid training camps to ensure the season was successfu.... Read more »

Carpe Diem Bootcamp

Fitness Group with an Epic 24 Hour Challenge


A dedicated set of fundraisers from Nailsea will be going without sleep for the #RMfamily! The group will be canoeing, cycling and walking 71KM across the Lake District. Members of Carpe Diem’s BootCamp start their intense challenge at 9 am on August 5th, where they will canoe 31KM across L.... Read more »

Dirk Kennedy

Former Royal Marine helps police with arrest


Former Royal Marine, Dirk Kennedy has said that he used his Commando training to tackle a man who was reportedly “inhaling gas” and being abusive to members of the public in the City of Truro, Cornwall. Dirk, 76, grew in concern after a solvent user began shouting and swearing at memb.... Read more »

The Amphibious Edge - Sgt Matt Burley

The Amphibious Edge – Complete!


Staying calm under pressure is second nature to any Royal, but Sgt Matt Burley has truly taken that statement to the next level. 2 weeks ago, Sgt Matt Burley completed the quite remarkable, Amphibious Edge. Over the 10 days, Matt travelled an incredible 34.46 miles underwater, completing 166 leng.... Read more »

Jim Crombie With This Telegraph From Hm The Queen

Oldest Living Royal Marine reveals secret to long and happy life!


Last week, former Royal Marine Jim Crombie celebrated his 108th birthday, making him the oldest living Royal Marine. Jim puts it all down to two things, a tipple of brandy and his favourite baker’s pie. Based in Fife, Scotland, Jim swapped his favourite pie for a slice of Birthday cake, nic.... Read more »

The Rowing Marine



In January 2018, Lee Spencer aka ‘The Rowing Marine’ will be undertaking an epic unsupported solo rowing attempt, 3,500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. Lee is a former Royal Marine who was medically discharged in September of last year, after losing his right leg when he stopped to a.... Read more »

Cover Globe Laurel 1992



Next up in the #ArchiveGnL series is the July/August 1992 Edition. Ten years after the Falklands War, the 'Yomper' statue was unveiled at Eastney and features on the cover image. The Yomper was the first public monument in Britain to commemorate the war and the first in Portsmou.... Read more »

Globe and Laurel

Keep in touch with the #RMfamily


Fundraising regulations are changing in 2018, and in order for us to keep in touch, we need to ask you to opt-in. We promise that we will never share your details and you can unsubscribe at any time. Name Email Subscrib.... Read more »