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A thank you to the RMA & The Royal Marines Charity


Steve Richards is a former Royal Marine Officer, who was medically discharged with PTSD and a range of associated autoimmune problems.

Thankfully, Steve has overcome his demons, but his physical health was becoming more problematic. He was very grateful to receive an adapted Segway to assist with his mobility, thanks to assistance from The Royal Marines Charity. With his health declining further, it was suggested Steve got in touch with the RMA and The Royal Marines Charity, to see what further support they would be able to offer him.

Steve describes his call with the team as “One of the best phone calls he has made”. Following a very helpful home visit, the charities were able to launch into action to offer a range of support and self-help activities.  Steve was also then linked in with other charities and organisations that could assist such as SSAFA, his local RMA branch, Dogs for Veterans, H4H Endeavour.

Living on his own, Steve began to find things a little over-whelming, but thanks to a blend of friendly conversation and expert advice, he found himself galvanised to make changes and move forward. Steve now receives regular updates and additional suggestions from the team. "This is intervention has buoyed me up no end and morale is high once more.”

“I am very grateful to both your excellent organisations for all the support you’ve given me and my colleagues, and the new style of collaboration you’ve invoked is a credit to you both. It is making a real difference.”

“The RMA and The Royal Marines Charity are in the vanguard of this essential support and reminds me of those great values we hold dear.”

Steve Richards

Steve has now retired to Dartmoor, and resides in an old farmhouse out on the moor.  Meaning he still gets to see the latest Royal Marines Recruits going through their paces on the 30 miler.

Both the RMA and The Royal Marines Charity are committed to supporting the whole Royal Marines Family. For more information, please view the respective charities’ websites linked above.

If you cannot find the help you’re looking for, or have a general enquiry, please contact our Central Office team on 01392 346 424.