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Mr Coppard reached out to the naval charities in April due to his plans being disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

After having flights cancelled and both countries going into full lockdown he ended up stranded in Thailand. 

"The TRMC have been amazing in supporting me during this Covid19 crisis. I came to Thailand in February. I was planning on setting up a business importing products from China back to UK to sell on Amazon and I was due to fly back to UK in April.

Unfortunately this plan did not work out due to the Covid19 outbreak whilst I was in Thailand.

My flight had to be cancelled and due to lockdown in both UK and Thailand I ended up completely stranded in Thailand with very little funds that would run out within days, leaving me with no money to pay for accommodation or food etc. I was incredibly stressed and worried on what I would do.

I decided to reach out to the TRMC in the hope they might be able to help.

I sent them an email explaining my situation. With 48 hours they contacted me and within a couple of more days I got a grant from them that has allowed me to rent a room and buy food and other essentials. Their help and response has been truly amazing!

They basically saved me from a very dire situation and their support is still continuing while I am stranded here.

Their fast response and support has been nothing short of amazing. I could not be more thankful for their help. I would have been totally lost without the help they have provided for me.

I would recommend to any ex-service personnel who are in a similar situation or need support in any other way to contact the TRMC."


Mr Coppard has given permission to use this story.

This is a great example demonstrating how the Naval Charity sector are continuing to work together and adapt our practices.