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Flipping Hoofing Effort!


On the 4th April 2017, Steve Kilmartin, completed an incredible tyre flip the length of the Mogadishu International Airport – a distance of 3,200 metres in aid of The Royal Marines Charity and Help for Heroes.

As a serving Royal Marine, Steve is conscious of the ongoing requirement to provide support and assistance to those that have suffered as a result of a career in the Corps, be it physical or mental. Having raised money for the charity 2 years ago, Steve decided it was time to take up another fundraiser!

As a fan of Cross fit, Steve regularly completes a 100KG type flip as one of his exercises in the extreme heat of Somalia. The British Embassy in Mogadishu, which is located within the AMISOM protected area of Mogadishu International Airport, has been Steve’s home for the last two years.  This combination inspired Steve to complete a 3,200 metre tyre flip, the length of the runaway in extreme humidity and heat.

In the lead up to the event, Steve progressively increased the time he spent ‘flipping’ so that he was able to do half the total distance (1600 metres) in training. This was a conscious decision Steve made, to ensure he did not pick up any injuries prior to the event itself.

“Motivation wasn't a problem, but knowing that so many people had donated so generously to the Royal Marines Charity was certainly a reason not to completely 'cuff' it in normal Bootneck fashion, and thus risk failure.  It was also a considerable motivating factor at the 2.5k mark when my forearms refused to function properly!”

Steve Kilmartin

On the day of the event, Steve was supported by British Embassy Close Protection Officer Grant Bailey (a trained paramedic). Grant was also kind enough to supply Steve with water and Mars Bars throughout Steve’s intense efforts. So far Steve has raised £1440.28.

All at the Royal Marines Charity would like to thank Steve for his hoofing Efforts, a real demonstration of the Commando Spirit. If you would like to donate in aid of Steve’s tyre flip, please follow the link to his fundraising page, which will remain active until August 2017.