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Former Royal Baz Gray to take on Challenge Antarctica


Former Royal Marine Commando Baz Gray is soon to set off on the first leg of Challenge Antarctica – the first ever solo unsupported and unassisted crossing of Antarctica.

The Royal Marines Charity is proud to be supporting Baz’s mission of successfully crossing Antarctica, coast to coast, from McMurdo Sound to Berkner Island. This will be done solo, without any support whatsoever - such as the use of dogs, kites and resupply.

This is a journey that has never been completed and sits firmly at the edge of human endurance.

Baz Gray a former Royal Marines Commando, Regimental Sergeant Major who has served his country for 26 Years all over the world.  He has experienced operational tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as many other major exercises deployed to some of the furthest and most remote areas on the planet.


Baz will be using the Challenge to raise awareness for The Royal Marines Charity. For many years now, Baz has been a passionate supporter of forces’ charities and in particular The Royal Marines Charity. He has seen many colleagues seriously injured in battle and has lost many friends over the years.

Records Baz aims to break along the way

  • First ever Solo, Unsupported and Unassisted crossing of Antarctica
  • 1800 miles in a target time of 100 days during the Antarctic summer of 2019 - 2020
  • Longest ever Solo, Unsupported and Unassisted journey in Antarctica
  • First Solo, Unsupported and Unassisted  trek from North Berkner to the South Pole
  • First Solo, Unsupported and Unassisted decent of the Shackleton Glacier on to the Ross Ice Shelf

Baz is also using his skills and expedition to create a Children’s Foundation that highlights the importance of children’s mental health and creates a safe place and environment where children that have lost a parent due to conflict or who have had to live with a PTSD sufferer; are able to communicate their feelings.

“The unsupported crossing of Antarctica is the greatest land-based challenge left in the world today - a journey at the edge of human endurance and one that has denied generations of polar explorers and adventurers. Until now. If there is anyone who can do it Baz Gray can – Royal Marine RSM, cold weather survival expert and one of the toughest in the business.

As Baz would say “It’s now or never. Let’s make it now” "

Tim Jarvis, Environmental Explorer, Author, Filmmaker

To learn more about Challenge Antarctica, please check out the dedicated webpage at