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Former Royal Marine receives his World War II medal more than 70 years after fighting


A former Royal has finally been awarded with the medal he earnt whilst serving in the Second World War. Former Royal Marine, Frank Coyle, was recently presented with his medals by the Deputy Commandant General of The Royal Marines.

This is thanks to the great work of The Coming Home Centre, based in Glasgow. The Royal Marines Charity are delighted to be assisting the centre, where former Royal Marine Adam Edwards is the operations manager. The Coming Home Centre supports veterans of the UK Armed Forces and their families, through their lifelong transition to civilian life.

Frank Coyle was sent to war as a young man, and served in South East Asia. Frank landed in 1945, after the surrender of the Japanese. He was also based in Thailand, for 18 months of service. Frank, a great-grandfather, was married to his late wife Helen for 58 years. Thanks to his sister, Pat, he was introduced to The Coming Home Centre who have helped him to wear his medals for the first time.

“I feel big headed after getting the medals. It was a special moment after looking all these years for some help."

Frank Coyle

Frank arrived and there was still war happening. He had to deal with threat and he was wounded in that period. He was shot by enemy forces and contracted Malaria."

"Most men of Frank's generation did not collect their medals, they left service and moved on with their lives. More are becoming aware of it now especially when they have their own grandchildren and want to show them.

"It was a pleasure to help an elderly gentleman who is polite and smart, and represents all the things of a generation. It fills me with pride to help him and he is a fellow Royal Marine."

Adam Edwards

 For more information on The Coming Home Centre, please check out their Facebook page by clicking here.