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Former Royal On The Rise


After deploying to Afghanistan on two separate occasions, former Royal Marine Josh Davis, was Diagnosed with PTSD in 2013.

He was quickly referred to the Departments of Community Mental Health (DCMH) and received Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & Eye Movement Desensitization (EMD) and reprocessing treatment. Following treatment, Josh was moved to Hasler Company, the rehab unit of The Royal Marines.

“At this point, I was aware that a career in the Royal Marines was not possible and at times didn't believe I was ever going to be able to work due to flash backs and anxiety attacks.”


Following 3 years of treatment, Josh began searching for a post Marines career and attended a work placement with a local tree surgeon. On completion of the placement, Josh was told that providing he obtained the relevant qualifications, they would mentor Josh as a self-employed tree surgeon.

After an intensive course and qualification, Josh purchased PPE clothing and tree climbing kit. It was at this juncture that Josh got in touch with the Royal Marines Charity and discussed the additional equipment to that would enable him to start his exciting new career. In discussion with local a local tree surgeon and Josh, a list of essential tools that would help Josh on the road to his new career was devised.

"Without the support of The Royal Marines charity, I would not have been able to follow my dream and start a new life outside of the Royal Marines. The Royal Marines Charity has given me a fresh start and I cannot thank them and their supporters enough.“

Josh Davis