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Help us to run Virginia Gauntlet II


By invitation of the United States Marine Corps, between April 15th and 29th 2019, Exercise Virginia Gauntlet II will take place on the East Coast of the US at the home of the US Marine Corps Quantico.

250 Royal Marines will travel to compete in a two-week challenge, promoting the joint working relationship which has been effectively deployed in combat.

We know that many of our supporters have wide and diverse networks and we hope that some of you may be willing to introduce us to contacts who would be interested in sponsoring this event.

You can download a copy of the Virginia Gauntlet II brochure here and if you have someone is interested in supporting the event please contact Chris Hirst via

Virginia Gauntlet II will raise the profile of Team Sport within the Royal Marines, focusing on improving morale and retention. Nineteen sports are represented and participants drawn from all ranks within the Royal Marines Corps focusing on junior Marines.

This tour is partially funded with personal contributions from participants totalling £100K, alongside a donation from the RN&RM Sporting Lottery of £100K. The Royal Marines Charity now seeks partners to help meet the remaining costs.