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HRH Prince Phillip lends support to The Royal Marines Charity with final official engagement


The Royal Marines Charity is honoured that The Duke of Edinburgh has chosen the finale of the Royal Marines 1664 Global Challenge which takes place at Buckingham Palace on 2nd August 2017, as his final official engagement.

Prince Philip, who turned 96 last month, became Captain General of the Royal Marines in 1953, replacing King George VI after his death.

The parade will raise money for The Royal Marines Charity.

The Royal Marines 1664 Global Challenge has seen Royal Marines all over the world raising money for the Corps Charity with a number of ingenious challenges. Royal Marines around the UK have run 16.64 miles each day for 100 days, totalling a distance of 1,664 miles. A significant number for the Royal Marines who were formed in 1664.

So far this year we have already seen some brilliant fundraising efforts. One example of this was the ‘hoofing’ efforts of 100 marines from Lima Coy 42 Commando. Whilst deployed in the Gulf, they lifted the total weight of HMS Ocean (21473 tonnes) and then ran the distance home to the UK (10,000KM), in just a 24 day period.