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Journey Through Conflict’s 'From Then Until Now' at Exeter Cathedral on 9th November


Following standing ovations from audiences across the country, Journey Through Conflict’s “WW1 From Then Until Now” will take place at Exeter Cathedral on 9th November at 19:30.

Commemorating the Centenary of the end of WW1, Major General Andy Salmon (rtd) CMG OBE, leads us through a unique event, charting the experiences of servicemen & women in conflict from WW1 through to WW2, the Troubles and to recent campaigns, including Iraq and Afghanistan. This artistic performance features renowned one-handed concert pianist Nicholas McCarthy, whose performance of Left-Hand Alone repertoire arranged for injured service personnel following WW1, is fused with the artwork, voices, poetry and stories of our veterans’ personal journey through conflict, injury and rehabilitation. Told with unflinching honesty, grit and humour, their courage and bravery is both uplifting and inspiring.

Please note this event is not suitable for anyone under the age of 12.

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