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Ocean Revival 2020 - raising awareness for Plastic in our Oceans and the Royal Marines Family


OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 is a team of serving and former serving Royal Marine Commandos, who have fought alongside each other in 45 Commando. The team have chosen to raise funds for two causes close to their hearts, Plastic Oceans and The Royal Marines Charity.

These Royals are raising awareness for the plastic destroying our oceans with an epic row across the North Atlantic totalling, approximately 3,700 miles from The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City to Tower Bridge in London.

The OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 team plans to row across the North Atlantic Ocean, which is a feat that only 57 people in history have achieved. The crossing has been attempted a total of 72 times, with 29 successes, over 43 failures and which has sadly taken 6 ocean rowers lives.

None have rowed from New York To London – OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 aims to be the first.

Support the team's fundraising for The Royal Marines Charity here.

OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 will have a relentless rowing routine of two hours rowing and two hours resting for up to 60 days. Whilst battling the ferocious weather systems of the North Atlantic; huge freezing swells over the Mid Atlantic Ridge; sleep deprivation; seasickness and the constant war against being wet, cold and hungry for its entirety; the team have one aim – to raise awareness for the Plastic in our Oceans and the Royal Marines Family.

The team are proud to have Commandant General Royal Marines Charlie Stickland as an Ambassador for the ocean row.

“A brilliant idea and a historic journey – this 3,700 mile ocean row across the North Atlantic perfectly embodies the spirit and ethos of the Royal Marines. Pioneering adventures such as this serve to inspire boys and girls into service with the Royal Marines. Raising money for two great causes, The Royal Marines Charity and Plastic Oceans, this row will, in particular, raise awareness of the global issue of plastic in our oceans. A thoroughly worthwhile endeavour and I wish the team the very best of luck for a safe journey.”

Major General C R Stickland OBE

Commandant General Royal Marines

The Royal Marines planning and taking on this incredible feat are Matt Mason, Joel McGlynn, Dom Rogers and Reece Clayton. Learn more about the team here.