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RM Golf Association's 2017 Championships call for entries


Full details, deadlines and booking form can be found in the attached PDFs.

The Annual Meeting of the Royal Marines Golf Association (RMGA) will be held at Launceston Golf Club, Cornwall on Thu 25 May and Fri 26 May 17. 

This meeting will be open to all RMGA members. However, non-members may join the Association on the day by payment of £30 for a life membership. Those players without an official handicap are to provide 3-signed cards to the Secretary with their entry form; a maximum Society Handicap of 18 will thereafter be issued for the purpose of these Championships. I remind everyone this is a Championship Rule

There will be an inclusive charge of £120 for retired members and £110 for serving members per player for the 2 days. This charge will cover Green Fees, Entrance Fee, Prizes, 2’s, Lunches, Dinners and Sweepstakes. If players can only play 1 day they are to inform the Secretary as soon as possible who will try to ensure everyone gets to play, but reminds you this is not always possible. 

The RMGA Championships will be played in 3 divisions, with cut-off handicaps dependent on numbers. These are provisionally set at: 

Division A. Handicaps 0 - 11 

Division B. Handicaps 12 - 18 

Division C. Handicaps 19 - 24 

RMGA 2017 Championships Calling Notice Download

RMGA Championships 2017 Entry Form Download