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Royal Marines tackle shoplifter whilst raising funds for The Royal Marines Charity


The team of Royals were fundraising for the charity as part of the Ocean 2020 Revival project

A team of Royal Marines came to the rescue at the weekend by tackling a shoplifter after he assaulted a member of supermarket staff.

Royal Marines Commandos Matt Mason, Dom Rogers and Sam Humphries were fundraising for the Ocean 2020 Revival project when the incident happened at the Tesco Superstore in Bury. 

The group spotted a man trying to rip off security tags from stolen items before the thief was approached by a security guard. CCTV footage then shows the man go to punch the security guard twice before running off out of the store.

Video then shows Royal Marines Matt Mason and Dom Rogers chasing after the man, before tackling him to the ground in the car park and bringing him back to the store.

“What must have been the world’s dumbest criminal was carrying a handful of items including perfume and a hair dryer and turned up in between our stand and the security stand near the main entrance.

“We saw him ripping off the security tag from the items.

“The man was then approached by a Tesco security man whom he then assaulted by going to punch him.

Matt Mason RM,  speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph.

OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 is a team of serving and former serving Royal Marine Commandos, who have fought alongside each other in 45 Commando. The team have chosen to raise funds for two causes close to their hearts, Plastic Oceans and The Royal Marines Charity.

These Royals are raising awareness for the plastic destroying our oceans with an epic row across the North Atlantic totalling, approximately 3,700 miles from The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City to Tower Bridge in London.

Click here to learn more and support Ocean Revival 2020.

Story Source: Lancashire Telegraph