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Supersession of the Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM)


Today, a formal Supersession of the Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM) took place at CTCRM, where Maj Gen R A Magowan CBE handed over the Head of Fighting Arm role of CGRM to Maj Gen C R Stickland OBE. 

The handover ceremony took place in the Drill Shed at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines and was witnessed by Commanding Officers and Regimental Sergeant Majors from across the Corps.

Major General Stickland joined the Royal Marines in 1987. His initial Commando and Fleet time saw service in Northern Ireland, anti-smuggling operations in Hong Kong and numerous amphibious deployments to Norway, the Mediterranean rim and the Far East.

Selected for Staff College in 1999, he then spent a period in the Ministry of Defence. Firstly, in procurement and then becoming the MOD lead for West and Southern Africa co-ordinating military activity across the region.

There then followed a period of intense operational activity: Serving as the Senior UK Liaison Officer with the US 18th Airborne Corps in Baghdad (2005/6); Chief of Staff of the UK Task Force in Afghanistan (2006/7); and then commanding 42 Commando Group conducting aviation assault and influence operations across the southern provinces of Afghanistan (2008/9).

On promotion to Colonel, he led the Fleet Operational Policy team leading on the Commander in Chief’s 'Gulf Preparedness Initiative', Counter Piracy operations and oversight the Maritime Trade Organisation node in Dubai. The role of Chief of Staff of the Joint Force Headquarters then followed, leading on the generation and validation of the EU Battle Group Force Headquarters and a broader focus on UK crisis response dealing with the consequences of the Arab Spring in the Levant, Gulf and North Africa.

In 2014 having completed Higher Command & Staff Course, Brigadier Stickland assumed command of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines orchestrating the operational output of the Royal Marines. He capitalised on key US, French and Dutch partnerships and refocused the organisation, post Afghanistan, to deliver to agility required for the complexities of the modern contingent environment.

He was then appointed Chief Joint Force Operations returning to the Joint Force Headquarters with the military lead for UK Non-Discretionary Crisis Response. His lead for Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations and Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Response saw engagement in most of the world’s hot spots and areas of potential instability.

He was promoted to Major General in October 2017 and then appointed Operation Commander of the EU Naval Force (Somalia) and Commander United Kingdom Amphibious Forces (COMUKAMPHIBFOR) on 7 November 2017.

Married to Mishy, a lady of unparalleled patience, the Sticklands have three sons (21, 19 and 16).  Life revolves around family chaos, keeping the fridge full, dangerous DIY, rugby, clambering up mountains, skiing or anything else that might tire their sons out!