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The Royal Marines Charity - 'Working Towards Good Mental Health'


Many of our Royal Marine Veterans have been required to live and work in a variety of stressful environments, leaving them vulnerable to emotional effects.  

While many of these are quickly recognised and dealt with effectively, certain mental health issues can go undetected for a long while, and as time goes on, they can impact on relationships with families and friends.

With your continued support, The Royal Marines Support Network (RMSN), funded by the Royal Marines Charity, and part of the Royal Marines Association (RMA), has developed a Psychotherapy Protocol to address this.

Providing safe and practical assistance to RM Veterans who are suffering from mental health-related issues, the “Veterans Referral Plan” (VRP) aims to enrol the client onto a therapeutic placement and provide treatment from a trained psychotherapist who is listed on the relevant professional qualifications register.

Each case is run by a Clinical Case Manager who is professionally qualified in trauma cases, and part of the RMSN. The target is to get the veteran into clinical assessment and therapy within 15 working days after completion of the initial paperwork.

Not all challenges occur in battle, and life-changing mental health problems can arise just as easily at home. Many of those affected believe that it is something they can rectify for themselves, but with over 20 years of experience working with PTSD sufferers, we know that this is often not the case.

As many people have previously discovered, assistance from a trained mental health professional can make a marked improvement to the quality of their lives, allowing them to return to being the person their families know and love. Without your continued support, none of this would be possible.

If you or anyone you know requires the support of The Royal Marines Charity and the Royal Marines Association, please contact the Welfare team on 023 9254 7224 or complete a Welfare Request Form here.