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The Royal Marines Rugby League team remain triumphant against the Paras


On Wednesday 27 July Taunton Rugby Club, home of the Titans, hosted the ultimate military rugby match when they welcomed the Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment for their annual game.

The Royal Marines v Paras Match for the Trafalgar Cup is one of the highlights in the Royal Marines Sports Association calendar and Marines from Units across the South West turned up by the coach load to support.

The match started off well for Royal who by half time were 6 –0 up, the second half went well in their favour as well with the game ending with a score of Royal Marines 26 Paras 10.

Royal Marines Sports Association is a subsidiary of The Royal Marines Charity and has 32 sports associations including Rugby League, Motorsport, Cricket, Cycling and UltraFit.

The Royal Marines Charity funds sport through Corps Subscriptions which is a salary sacrifice scheme within the Corps. Sport is also funded through the charity’s quality of life pathway boosting the morale and efficiency of the serving Corps.