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Veterans' Foundation Grant Awarded


RMA - The Royal Marines Charity are delighted to announce that we have been supported by the Veterans' Foundation with a grant.

The Veterans' Foundation have approved a grant that will help us provide a Transition Support service in Scotland.

The grant is intended to fund a Transition Support Officer (TSO) based in Scotland which will allow the Charity to work with a closer proximity to The Royal Marines units in The Clyde and Arbroath. The grant will enable the Charity to support vulnerable veterans, medically or administratively compulsorily discharged from service to develop their skills and overcome barriers so they can secure employment and maintain independence.  The project aims to promote help seeking behaviours to prevent a further escalation of needs in later life. Delivered through 1:1 support and guidance and working alongside our wider Welfare and Employment and Education teams.

Thanks to the generosity of the Veterans Foundation RMA - The Royal Marines Charity has been able to fund a Transition Support Officer (TSO) for Scotland.  This allows the Charity to have a man on the ground directly assisting vulnerable leavers in their transition from military into civilian life. They assist in all aspects of this change from relocation and retraining to financial support and medical care.  They will also supply the link to numerous supporting agencies. The TSO similarly has an important role in supporting those RM veterans who, particularly in these trying times, are in need of care and advice.

Nick Holloway

The project will allow  the Charity to provide comprehensive transition support to help vulnerable service leavers in Scotland. Acknowledging and responding to the increase of vulnerable discharged or transitioning Royal Marines in 2020 and 2021 who require longer-term support whether practical and/or welfare support alongside developing job skills and securing employment.

In August 2020, the Ministry of Defence reported that a Royal Marine is twice as likely to be medically discharged than a sailor. In the last financial year, 124 Royal Marines were medically discharged. The requirement for geographically diverse support systems is evident, and as a Charity we are taking positive steps to bridge that gap. 

We are grateful to the Veterans' Foundation for supporting our work so we can help our Corps Family in Scotland. We are confident this project will continue support the inclusion of those with disabilities, life-limiting conditions and those with welfare needs into employment and through prevention, education, and health-seeking behaviours.

Veterans' Foundation founder, Major General David Shaw said:

“The Veterans' Foundation has been set up to help fund charities and other charitable organisations that are helping serving and former members of the Armed Forces, and their dependants, who are in need.” 

“The Veterans' Foundation raises its money through the Veterans’ Lottery and donations. To date, it has given £2 million out in grants to 140 organisations, many of them smaller but very worthwhile charities, which are helping members of the Armed Forces community.  The charities and other organisations we have helped include those tackling the challenges of mental and physical injuries, homelessness, unemployment, children’s loss of parents while serving and remembrance.”

“We are grateful for the public’s support of the Veterans’ Foundation and its Veterans’ Lottery, and we encourage you to spread the word.”


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