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A New Lease of Life (and garden) for Former Royal Marines Jason Burns and his Family

During a mortar attack in 16 Sep 2010 whilst WO2 Jason Burns was serving with 30 Commando, he tripped over plastic flooring as he hurried to reach his CBA and helmet. He fell awkwardly on equipment which damaged his L3/L4/L5 vertebrae. His pain has been increasing and can no longer be controlled by drugs, his lower body movement is very slow, whilst he cannot sit in one position for long. He is unable to walk further than 100m without crutches, and has no EPV.

The paralysing injuries Jason suffered when hurled through mid-air in that mortar attack, will never heal. The father of three walks painfully slowly with the aid of a stick over short distances, but needs a stair-lift in his specially-adapted house (funded by RMCTF and SSAFA). As he struggled to recover, Jason couldn't even manage the stairs to bed at night and spent days staring at a blank wall. As PTSD tore through him "like a tsunami", he experienced the darkest thoughts.

With financial support from the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund Jason and his family’s garden has been completely transformed into a low maintenance garden using the help of company Artificial Grass Ltd.

Jason says:

"For anybody with the restriction of movement I have, this kind of lawn is a godsend really. There's no mowing and only the simplest care, but it can be used all year. For me, it looks beautiful and is a peaceful place to just sit. It's been massive for me mentally. Having fun with the kids in the back garden has put a smile back on my face that I'd lost.”

“I cannot and will never be able to thank the charity enough for the effect this has had physically and mentally on me and the whole Family”