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June 12th, 2016 started out as just another day for former Royal Marine and Canadian native Josh Pelland.  It was on this day that Josh sustained a 20m fall, during a climb at Smoke Bluffs Park, Alberta. The accident left Josh severely injured and paralysed from the chest down. He was referred swiftly to the Royal Marines Charity by fellow Marine friends.

Although Josh lived in a remote area of Canada, The Royal Marines Charity were able to liaise with the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League and request a visit from a Royal Canadian Legion Caseworker. This enabled us to gain a bigger understanding of Josh’s needs and the in which way we could best assist.

From the meeting with the caseworker, various items were identified that would be of help to aid Josh’s recovery, including a specialist wheelchair and chairlift to enable safe entry and exit from his home. Furthermore, Josh’s parents completed substantial building modifications to better suit his needs.

The Royal Marines Charity contributed towards the purchase of a specialist wheelchair, ensuring that this young former Royal remained as independent as possible. 

“The Royal Marines Charity has helped get me settled back into my house and back into life by helping me out financially, for this I am extremely grateful.

I can really only attribute my ability to crack on from everything I've witnessed and learned from my time in the corps and all the inspirational stories and challenges others before me have overcome”.

Josh Pelland

Even with the tragic circumstances of Josh’s accident, both he and his family have demonstrated the Royal Marines Corps ethos and values. Josh has drawn positives from the day to day challenges he now faces and has even set his sights on competing in the ‘Calgary Half Ironman’.

The Royal Marines Charity would like to wish Josh best wishes in his recovery and hope to see him competing in various physical competitions soon.