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Triple amputee, Mark Ormrod Receives Further Support from the Royal Marines Charity

"The injuries I sustained in Afghanistan changed my life....but they do not define it. The skills and qualities that I have learnt in the military is what got me to where I am today. I hope to use the knowledge and experience I have gained since that fateful day to continue down the path I am on, continue to learn, grow, improve and keep setting and reaching my goals."

Mark Ormrod, 2011

Mark Ormrod is a triple amputee who lost both legs and his right arm through a landmine on Op HERRICK on Christmas Eve 2007. His sockets are now 3 ½ years old which is way beyond their normal life expectancy. Since being fitted, Mark has lost a lot of weight, and his current prosthetics do not fit resulting in chafing, bleeding and significant pain meaning that he is off his legs sometimes for 2 days at a time.

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund and C Group Trustees agreed to fund Mark receiving new sockets and legs at the Hanger Clinic, Oklahoma, USA, costing US$140,490 (£85,375). He flew out to the US on 5 January and returns to the UK on 19 January, when he will pick up his job as the Royal Marines Association’s Assistant Operations Manager.

Mark sent us an update whilst receiving his treatment in the USA:

I arrived here late Sunday evening after catching my connecting flight by the skin of my teeth, I got picked up by Randy one of the guys at Hanger & headed to base camp to get some sleep after all of the travelling. First thing Monday morning I was in the workshop ready to go & the team got straight to work on building me new sockets. Because it takes a day or two to build test sockets, work out any issues & then build final moulds they made some major adjustments to my old sockets to tighten them up just to make things easier in the interim.

By the end of the day on Tuesday after fitting the test sockets & making lots of tweaks & adjustments my final carbon fibre sockets were made & fitted and during the day I was also fitted with my Genium's. We played with the Genium's throughout the day, fixed my alignment & programming & I walked out the door on them that same day.

Wednesday was the day that the X3's were ordered for me & I spent most of that day training in the Genium's, continually making small changes to my programming and alignment to make sure they were at maximum efficiency for me. 

Thursday my X3's arrived so first thing in the morning the guys went to work on me & got me fitted with the X3's and the whole alignment & programming routine started again to make sure they worked at the very highest level for me to make things easier. I spent a small amount of time training on them yesterday but I have much more training to come. The legs come with a remote control which gives the user a lot more freedom to make changes to things like hydraulic resistance, swing angle etc... and I was given a 45 minute teaching session showing me how I can make all these adjustments myself when I get home (something I wasn't shown by the NHS) we also programmed in different modes for walking, running, cycling, gym & a locked mode if I want to carry something heavy.

So as you can see a large bulk of the work has already been done in a very short amount of time, I still have adjustments which are going to be made to my arm & running legs & my C-Legs are being sent to Austria for their annual service but as you can see things are going great. The next week will see me continue my training, learning all that I can to become more independent & continuing to make tiny tweaks & adjustments to my sockets, programming & alignment.

The reason that I chose to get my treatment in the States and not in the UK is because I haven't found anyone that can deliver even close to the level or quality of care that can be found in the USA for my particular circumstances as an individual.  Thanks again for making this possible - it means a lot to me and my family.