17 Motorsports

Motor Sports

Secretary Chairman
Steve Elliott

PT School
Commando Training Centre Royal Marines

Tel: 07738274969
Email: Stephen.elliott938 @MOD.UK

We have a joint association with the RN the RNRMMSA and support 5 Motorsport disciplines:

1. Road Race Team: Motorbike Track Racing on Short Circuits i.e. Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park etc. as part of the RN, RM and Inter Services Championship hosted by www.thundersportGB.com or Roads (Isle Man TT, Manx GP etc.)

2. Motocross Team: Motorbike racing on off-road tracks i.e. Hawkstone Park, Farleigh Castle etc. as part of the RN, RM and Inter-Services Championships hosted by www.acerbisnationals.co.uk as well as a player pathway scheme hosted by www.swormx.co.uk

3. Car Team – Racing Cars at circuits around the UK such as Cadwell Park, Snetterton & Donnington. Series details are available at http://www.armedforcesracechallenge.net/, events run as part of 750Motor Club http://www.750mc.co.uk/. Opportunities available to do ARDS race license and race a RN car.

4. Kart Team – Kart racing team using Pro Karts to race in the Inter-service Championship hosted by the RAFMSA at tracks all around the country.

5. Off road Team- 4 x 4 Navigational events in personal as well as “Green Fleet” on Military training areas e.g. Bovington or Salisbury Plain. Hosted by BAMA. RNRM Championship and Inter Service Championship organised by the Off Road Team. See below the details for the RMMSA:

RM Chairman – Lt Col Turner Reggie.Turner565@mod.uk
RMMSA Secretary – Sgt Stevie Elliott Stephen.Elliott938@mod.uk
RM Road Race Team Captain – C/Sgt Brian Fuidge Brian.Fuidge640@mod.uk
RM Motocross Team Captain – Mne Nick Carbury Nicholas.Carbury100@mod.uk
RM Car Team Captain – Mne Adam Dewis Adam.Dewis543@mod.uk
RM Kart Team Captain – LH Craig Beesley craig.beesley168@mod.uk (No RM at present)
RM Off Road Team Captain Sgt Kevin O’Gorman Kevin.Ogorman650@mod.uk