19 Orienteering


Secretary Chairman
Lt Col Guy Balmer

Room 227, Advanced Command & Staff Course,
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Tel: 96161 8185
Email: GBalmer.jscsc@da.mod.uk

Background and Aim

Orienteering exists in many forms such as foot, ski and mountain bike. The RMOC exists, under the auspices of the RM Sports Association (RMSA) and alongside the RN & RM Orienteering Club (RNRMOC), to promote all forms of orienteering to both RM personnel and RN/Army/RAF personnel and civilians with connec-tions to the Corps. The RMOC is able to obtain both public and non-public funding to assist with the running of and participation in orienteering events and through these it hopes to develop and encourage RM personnel to compete at the highest levels, including the annual Inter-Services competition.


Full Membership is open to all serving RM personnel, who will also automatically be members of the RNRMOC (to which membership is free). Affiliate Membership is open to all former RM and any RN, Army or RAF personnel and Civil Servants serving with the Corps. Funding arrangements mean that the benefits for Affiliate Members will vary slightly dependent upon status and are shown in the table above. Membership fees are a one off payment and the rate depends on the status of the individual at the time of joining.

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