Jiu Jitsu

Re-Org Foundation Jiu Jitsu

Secretary Chairman
C/Sgt Sam Sheriff

RM Barracks
Durnford St

Tel: 01752 836926
Email: samuel.sheriff753@mod.uk

The REORG Jiu Jitsu Foundation Charity sits under the Royal Marines Charity but supports veterans from all services at locations all across the UK. The REORG team provide a platform for serving personnel and veterans to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as part of their recovery pathway and help combat the challenges from mental and physical disabilities.

Learn more: http://re-org.org/

BJJ is a grappling martial art in which you aim to defeat your opponent through leverage and a series of joint locks and chokes. BJJ is the fastest growing sport in the Corps and the team has had great success since its formation. Each Unit now has a BJJ representative who can answer any questions and introduce you to the Corps sport of BJJ.