30 Ultra Fit

Ultra Fit

Secretary Chairman
Sgt John Caulfield

AE Troop

Tel: 93785 4202
Email: John.Caulfield963@mod.gov.uk

The Royal Marines Ultra-Fit association has grown from strength to strength, as have its members, following strength and conditioning programmes with functional fitness at their core. The rise of competitive functional fitness competitions such as the Ultra-Fit series and those following the CrossFit methodology has been rapid. Across the UK military, the appetite to compete, and in some cases dominate, these events is strong. The Ultra-Fit associations role is to provide financial support and administrative aid to members participating in functional fitness events in order to encourage success at the highest level, while promoting the Royal Marines across military and civilian environments. The Royal Marines Ultra-Fit association will lead in the organisation of an annual Corps-wide (and invitational) competition, based on the Ultra-Fit circuit. With the aspiration to initiate a Corps and Armed Forces wide competition on a bi-annual basis, including wider fitness organisations across the UK. The association will also aim to organise a Sports Tour every 2 years, taking a team established from the Corps UF Competition.